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Now that the very special night of New Year’s Eve approaches, we’d like to share with all of you a recipe that brings us fond memories of this year, which we’re about to leave behind, one which brought us joy and provided us opportunities for very special experiences.  This was one of the recipes showcased in the magazine titled “MIA en el especial del Día de la Madre”.  And thanks to this experience, we were able to meet the talented photographer from Cadiz, Francisco Rosso, who kindly gave us an unforgettable photo session, as well as many amazing photos.   :-) 

We’d also like to share the photos he shot of this delicious recipe, Hake and Shrimp Flan.  This is a very simple recipe, very festive and also inexpensive to prepare. You can use frozen Hake Loin (Lomo de Merluza) and Large Red Shrimp (Gambones), or frozen shrimp to make it even more economical.  You can also substitute with any meaty white fish, like haddock, cod or monkfish.

This savory “flan” is like a paté.  When served at the table with some crispy toast squares, your guests will love it.  The flan is rich and flavorful, and ideal to share as an appetizer for your New Year’s Eve dinner or a holiday lunch. :-)

Here is our dish, beautifully illustrated by Francisco Rosso’s amazing photos. Before we share our recipe, we want to thank our friend Glenn Fergusson for supervising all our english written recipes published in our Blog so far :-) We really appreciate all his help :-) 

* 8-9 ozs. (250 grs.) Hake
* 6 XL Red Shrimp (gambones) or XL Shrimp, peeled
* 8-9 ozs. (250 grs.) Fresh, Crushed Tomatoes, peeled
* ½ White Onion, diced
* 1 Clove Garlic, diced
* 2 Eggs
* 2 Slices White Sandwich Bread, crust removed
* ½ Tbls. Butter
* 2 Tbls. Bread Crumbs
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Liquid Cooking Cream
* Parsley
* Salt
* Black Pepper

* Preheat oven to 355º F (180º C).
* Dice the onion and the garlic and begin to sauté in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil.
* Add the crushed tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and continue to sauté for 30 minutes. 
* Add water to a stove top pot, heat and bring the fish and the shrimp to a boil.  Cook for 5 minutes, strain and set aside.  
* To a hand blender container, add the fish, peeled shrimp, eggs, ¾ of the tomato sauce obtained by frying the onion, garlic and crushed tomatoes, and the two bread slices separated into small pieces. 
* Blend well and correct for seasoning as needed.   
* Blend again while adding a good splash of liquid cooking cream.  Pour the mixture into small individual flan molds, previously coated with butter then sprinkled with bread crumbs to coat the mold.  Shake the inverted mold to remove the excess bread crumbs.  
* Place the molds in a shallow oven proof dish with water, and bake in the oven in the water bath (al baño maría) for 40 minutes.  Watch during cooking to ensure all the water doesn’t evaporate, if so, add more hot water during cooking.
* Prepare a bed of finely sliced lettuce on single serving plates, invert the flan mold onto the lettuce bed and serve with the rest of the tomato sauce, or with mayonnaise, or just with the crispy toast squares, as you most like.  

And now to enjoy this flavorful appetizer, ideal for your New Year’s Eve dinner or your 2015 New Year’s Day meal.

I’m happy to join my family with a heart-felt wish that each of you are able to say goodbye to this year that’s ending in a way befitting the occasion, and that the coming New Year, 2015, will arrive full of great health, love, and good times to share with your family and friends.  :-)  And I hope we continue to cook together for a long time to come.  :-) Have a Happy New Year in 2015!!!!!!!                       


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