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Did you enjoy the Potato Salad ? One of our American friends cooked it and shared it on Facebook and he did really well and enjoyed it very much :-) We are very happy for that.

This week we are preparing a nice starter to enjoy, Milhojas de Pulpo a la Gallega - Octopus Mille-Feuille, cooked Galician Style. You will love it :-) It is very tasty and delicious :-) Once you start eating it you cannot stop.  And besides, it is very easy to make.

We have boiled the Octopus but you can also buy it already cooked at the local stores :-) Both ways are good, depending on the free time you have.

It would be great to have your opinions about this and the previous recipes published already :-)

Please feel free to contact us via email: 
pilaraprendiendoacocinar@gmail.com and let us know about your impressions.

* 1 Octopus (we are going to boil it but you can also get it precooked)
* 4 large potatoes, peeled
* Sweet or hot red paprika (Spanish Pimentón, dulce or picante), depending on your taste
* Olive oil
* Salt

* We start heating a large pot on the stove top on Medium High heat, without any water. After a little while, we add some water drops to check the pot is already hot.  You’ll know it is hot enough if the water drops quickly splatter and evaporate.
* Then, we are going to put the Octopus in the pot, spreading the tentacles and then we are going to place the washed potatoes between them to intermingle the ingredients.  We add some salt.
* We are going to stir everything for a few minutes, cover the pot with its lid and let it cook on Medium heat for 40 minutes. In this way, it will be steam-cooked with the water and juices that release from the potato and the octopus, resulting in a very tender and tasty dish.
* Once both are cooked, we let both ingredients cool down, then we cut the octopus and potatoes in slices to be able to make our Cake or Mille-Feuille.
 * We are going to place the (square or round) food ring mold on the serving plate at the table, putting a layer of potatoes first, then we sprinkle some paprika and add a little bit of oil; then a layer of Octopus, another potato layer and we end with an Octopus layer, adding on each layer some paprika and olive oil.
* To serve at the table, we just have to remove the ring mold and enjoy :-)

Enjoy with a chilled white “Albariño” wine from Galicia or a local Andalucian specialty white “Barbadillo” wine from Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Have a very nice week and what do you think we will Cook next week ? Guess… !

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