domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016


This week we are sharing a good local recipe with a Japanese touch, Panko King prawns. They are marinated in teriyaki sauce and then breaded with Panko breadcrumbs. Really delicious! We have used the Santa Rita brand :-) Really good, provided by Olmeda Orígenes. Great products :-) 

We will serve them at the table with homemade Alioli sauce, learn with us how to make it ;-) It is the perfect aperitif to enjoy with your family and friends, very yummy.

We share or recipe with you hoping you enjoy it as much as we do:

* King prawns – 2 per person
* Teriyaki sauce
* Flour
* 1 egg
* Panko (bread crumbs) - Santa Rita by Olmeda Orígenes
* Olive oil to fry
* Homemade alioli sauce:
- 1 egg
- 1 clove of garlic
- Olive oil (aprox one glass - 220 ml.)
- The juice of a quarter of a lemon
- Salt

* To start with we are going to put the skewers sticks in water so that they don't burn when we fry them.
* Then we are going to clean the prawns, remove the heads and peel them completely.
* Once they are peeled we are going to remove the intestines. Make a small cut on the back of the peeled shrimp and remove the black stripe. If we pull it carefully, it will come out completely. We do this with all of them.
* Once they are clean, we put some teriyaki sauce in a bowl and dip the peeled prawns in this sauce for 30 minutes. After 15 minutes, let’s turn them to make sure that they get the flavour by all sides.
* While the shrimp marinate, let's prepare the Breading ingredients, which are flour, beaten egg and Panko. We are going to put them in 3 different plates.
* And now we are going to prepare our homemade alioli sauce. Peel and cut the garlic on slices and put in the glass of the blender along with the egg and add a good splash of oil of olive. Add a pinch of salt and start beating. You don’t have to lift up the blender until you see they are mixing well. Then we will be adding the rest of the oil gradually. We keep it the fridge until the moment we serve them at the table.
* We put olive oil to heat in a frying pan.
* Once the 30 minutes of the marinade are over, we will drain the prawns, and once drained, we will insert the skewer stick through the shrimp in a longitudinal manner, starting from the tail..
* Once they are all prepared, we will bread them. First we will pass them in flour, then by the egg and finally, by the panko.
* When they are battered let’s fry them in very hot olive oil.
* And when they are fry, drain the excess of oil in a dish with absorbent paper and then serve them at the table accompanied by the homemade alioli sauce..

And ready to sit at the table and enjoy them very much ! Have a great week :-)

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