viernes, 24 de julio de 2015


This week we want to share with you this simple recipe of toast with Iberian blood sausage from the Bucarito Farm in Rota. You may know this delicious sausage as black pudding or blood sausage, but here we call it “Morcilla Ibérica” and you’ll love it.  It is rich and very tasty and you will see what good results you’ll achieve :-) This Iberian blood sausage is delicious by itself on a slice of bread but the truth is that it gives a delicious flavor to this scrambled egg mixture :-) Also, it is very nice as an appetizer, eaten as a “tapa” :-)

We recommend you also try El Bucarito’s Chorizo and Iberian sausage, Iberian Ham and Sobrasada, in addition to the exquisite cheese that is made there with goat milk. By the way, this summer they offer guided tours on request.  You can make arrangements by calling 956 101 264/600 084 342 or check out “Visitas” at their web site to make a reservation: It is worth getting to know this very special and charming piece of Rota and especially to meet the great family at Bucarito :-)

And we are ready to share the recipe, hoping that you’ll try it and knowing you’ll like it very much:


* 8 ounces (200 gr.) Iberian blood sausage (Morcilla) from El Bucarito Farm
* 1/2 Onion, diced
* 4 Eggs
* 4 ounces (100 gr.) Fried straw potatoes or Potato sticks
* 1 Splash of cream
* Chopped parsley
* 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
* Salt/Pepper
* 1 Spanish Bread toast per person

* To begin with we will prepare a fairly large frying pan with the olive oil. And we’ll begin by frying the diced onion, followed by the de-skinned, well chopped sausage.
* Then and after several minutes, we will add the potatoes and we are going to mix it and fold them in with the sausage.
* Beat the eggs and add the cream, then season and stir everything.
* We add this liquid mixture to the frying pan and stir well for 5 minutes.
* We now divide up our scrambled egg-sausage topping and place it on our warm Spanish bread toasts, garnish with chopped parsley and we are ready to serve at the table.

You will see how rich and tasty :-) Good week to you all and we’ll keep cooking :-)

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