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This is one of the most popular recipes in Spain and it has a lot of variations.  We normally cook it with eggs and potatoes, but in this case we have added onions.  It can also be cooked with green peppers, tuna fish, … ¡ It is delicious no matter how we cook it :-) Buen provecho :-) and thank you very much to my friend Natasha for helping us with the translations :-) We really appreciate it.

2 lb 3oz (1 kg) of potatoes
1 large onion
6 medium size eggs
Extra virgin olive oil
Black pepper

We start by peeling the potatoes and the onion.  Chop the onion and cut the potatoes into thick slices.
Add them to a hot frying pan with abundant olive oil and salt them.  Fry them until they start getting a Golden color.
We are going to beat the eggs in a bowl with some salt and black pepper.
Once the potatoes and onions are tender, remove them from the frying pan with a skimmer/spatula or slotted spoon and mix them into the beaten eggs.  Leave some of the oil in the frying pan and pour the beaten egg/potato/onion mixture into the frying pan.
We will cook it at a low temperature for 15 minutes until we see it is getting a nice golden color on the bottom. It is important not to overcook it so that it does not get dry.
Once this side is ready we are going to turn it over.  Use a plate to cover the frying pan, carefully flip the frying pan and plate over, and then slip the tortilla off of the plate into the frying pan on the uncooked side.  Then we will cook this side for ten minutes.
Once it is cooked, slip the tortilla out of the frying pan onto a plate.  We will then serve it at the table and we recommend you eat it with a nice salad :-)

Recommendation: It is important to use a nice Teflon (non stick) frying pan, and of course top quality ingredients in order to cook the best Tortilla :-)

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